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Any player who is not presently on the Performance Foundation or British programme who would like to register availability for selection by a team should email the Performance Director, Graeme Thompson, ( by 25th April. Interested parties will have their name put forward for consideration. But please read the following and the policies mentioned below first so that you understand what is happening.

The Scottish and British Curling Performance Programme is seeking to make some significant cultural changes over the next few years with a view to generating future international success. These will impact on how teams are selected, taking into account team dynamics as well as technical and tactical aspects and in turn on how investment is awarded to them.

The key change is an emphasis on producing robust relationships within teams with a view to maximising collective responsibility and ownership of the team’s performance.

Consequently, whereas in the recent past the final meeting to decide on actual teams has been held by coaches following significant discussion between players and coaches in relation to team selection, as of this season, over the course of April and early May, players will have responsibility for deciding who will form their own teams at all levels of the programme: British, Scottish Performance Foundation and Scottish Academy.

Key to informing these team selections is the consideration of the Investment Policies for the following:

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British Curling – Men’s…/British-curling-Mens-Inv…

British Curling – Women’s…/British-curling-Womens-I…

The Investment policies guide players/teams towards the key criteria that must be met in order to obtain investment from the Performance programme for next season and potentially longer term. The investment received from sportscotland and UK Sport is provided on the premise of working towards and delivering Olympic medals. The journey to Olympic medals is one that requires significant dedication over a considerable period of time, along with the required curling, technical, tactical and teamwork attributes.